10 steal – Worthy Bohemian Wedding Ideas

April 14, 2020

Did you just say boho? Because guess what, we’ve heard you!

The bohemian wedding is all about those who want something laid – back, cozy, non – traditional, ethereal and yet super romantic. Boho style suits the free – spirited couple, so if you’re more of a woodland nymph than a Disney princess then a boho theme wedding is just what you might be looking for. The bohemian theme is all about a mix of natural and neutral shades, fresh flowers, wood, feathers, tapestries as well as macramé.

We have gathered 10 steal – worthy ideas that will help you achieve the perfect boho wedding of your dreams.

1) Flower Chandelier
Flower chandeliers are a must if you are planning a boho wedding. They bring the natural, soft and effortlessly chic look to your venue. You can attach some leaves along with your flower chandeliers as well as fully deck them with fresh blooms.

2) Hanging Pom-Poms
Pom – poms are one of the cutest decorations you can use when having a boho theme wedding. They are perfect to drape around trees and they are sure to make any outdoor wedding or reception more whimsical. To give chic boho feeling, we suggest that you
mix your pom-poms in colors that make up the theme.

3) Flower Crown
Not keen to wear the veils? You can ditch it and go for a flower crown and let the beauty of nature complete your look on your big day. You can’t go wrong with a flower crown above your head on your big day.

4) Bohemian Backdrop
Looking for a refreshing and trendy way to uplift the backdrop game? If yes, we suggest that you go for a macramé backdrop. Macramé backdrop is a real show stopper in the boho wedding and it has also been gaining a lot of popularity in recent years, so saying ‘’I Do’ in front of a macramé backdrop wouldn’t be a bad idea at all and don’t forget they look amazing in pictures.

5) Green Vines
Since the boho theme is all about using as many natural products as possible, you might want to embellish your wedding venue with green vines for an exclusive and original look.

6) Venue
Choosing a venue for a boho theme wedding is not a difficult task as long as you can set the mood with decor. The bohemian style is laid back and can be achieved both indoor and outdoor. It can be in your backyard, in the middle of a forest, at the beach as well as
in a wedding hall. If you want to experience a delicious boho wedding in the middle of a lush green forest in Mauritius we recommend Jet Ranch.

7) Tapestries
Thrown in a cozy corner with some cushions along with some candles or placed on the pathway to the aisle, tapestries can be a real game changer on your bohemian big day.

8) Pampas Grass
When it comes to the bohemian wedding theme, pampas grass usually comes on top of the list of the most favorite decor. It has been trending for many years and ever since it doesn’t seem to have gone out of style. Pampas grass comes in natural colours which is why it blends perfectly with other bohemian decors.
Those soft tall lovely grass can be used in various ways to embellish your venue.

9) Wood Slabs
Wood is a good idea if you want to keep things natural and remember, keeping things natural is the key in the boho wedding. You can use wood slabs with candles and fresh blooms to bring the cozy feeling to your venue. You can also use them as trivets to enhance the dining experience.

10) Straw Hay Seats
Did you know that you can ditch the normal chairs and replace them by using straw hay seats? They don’t only look adorable but they also suit the bohemian theme perfectly.

For a more personalised and chic look, cover the seats with lace fabrics.


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